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Robert Head Certified Massage Therapist

Robert has been working with the body for nearly twenty years and has a deep respect for its innate capacity to respond to bodywork, exercise, and energetic healing modalities. 

Drawing from both Eastern and Western practices, Robert uses a combination of bodywork techniques to give you a relaxing, nurturing and restorative experience. Each session is customized according to your body’s needs and your personal preferences.

Whether you prefer an indulgent massage for relaxation or a therapeutic session to address specific imbalances, Robert opens a space for healing through his presence and his touch. 

Robert practices in Sacramento, California.  He is available by appointment and can be reached by phone or email.  For more information follow the links above or contact Robert. 


Robert Head BA CPT CMT
916 764 6014
3560 J Street , Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95816
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